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Why choose Barber Shop Workpod as your Office Pod
Customization options: We offer a range of 4 soundproof office cubicles that can be further customized, from size and location to color and finish, to best fit your office space.
High quality materials: All of our soundproofed cubicles are built in Canada with top quality soundproofed fabrics and materials for a long, durable life.
Plug and play: As soon as your office booth arrives, you can start benefiting right away. With simple plug-and-play installation, it’s easy to move our pods around the office and into position.
Find the right booth for your office space.

Privacy of the restaurant and coffee shop with modern soundproofed booths Canada& United States

The soundproof cabin restaurant and cafe are excellent places for social work events such as informal meetings or individual work meetings. Studies have shown that changes in scenery and ambient sounds that fill these environments contribute to an inviting atmosphere and higher productivity. When the phone rings or an important task comes up, there is a need for privacy and quiet. Office phone booths are soundproof booths that can be neatly installed in restaurants and coffee shops, providing customers with privacy and an escape from silence as needed.

Privacy is protected with custom office phone booths for restaurants and cafes.

Canada& United States Soundproof Meeting Pods Supplier

The benefits of soundproof booths for your business

Modern Spaces are constantly adapting to achieve flexibility. With more offices adopting telecommuting and working remotely, more and more people are looking for space outside the office to host meetings or spend the day. Cafes and restaurants are ideal alternative venues and favorites for professionals who work remotely.

Installing high-quality soundproofed cubicles in your restaurant or cafe can encourage your customers to stay longer, host more work events, and order more food from your menu, as this environment is conducive to increased productivity.

Enhance the campus experience with soundproof booths

Personal Work, Reading, or Study Session

Soundproof cubicles in educational institutions provide a relaxing opportunity to get away from the noise and be alone. Whether it’s a collaborative project, a quick consultation session or preparing for an upcoming exam, modular and customizable soundproof cubicles for schools are the way of the future.

Customize soundproof booths for schools and educational institutions to create future campuses.

Our modern soundproof cubicles for schools are private enclosures that block out the noise and stimulation of the outside world. At Barber Shop Workpod, we offer a range of booths that can be used for meetings or independent work, suitable for almost any location on campus, from libraries and student centers to residence halls and lecture halls.

Explore the possibilities for privacy and productivity on campus with soundproof booths.

Choose the soundproof booth that’s right for you
We put comfort and quality at the forefront of all our booth designs. The booths are constructed from high-quality Canadian materials and are designed to promote regular air circulation for healthy air quality. The innovative design is portable so you can easily move, adjust and install the soundproofing booths in different locations around campus for maximum convenience.

Individual soundproof booths in schools
Whether studying for the next class, sending emails between lectures, or adding final details to a paper, there are many reasons why people on campus need to sit down in front of their laptops for a quiet minute or two. The school’s individual soundproofed rooms can be chosen from the most crowded and noisiest spaces, allowing students, faculty and staff to seamlessly get the privacy they need.

Customized soundproof cubicles for individual users are equipped with enough space for one person to comfortably work on one or more laptops for hours on end. Our soundproof booths feature ergonomic and customizable designs with beautiful glass walls and customizable floors that blend with their surroundings, providing visual beauty and functionality.

Campus Collaboration Conference Booth
Campus is not a lonely place. This is where collaboration occurs between group projects, clubs and associations, and even professors. Meeting booths promote collaboration by creating a space where two to eight people can come together to discuss, brainstorm, and innovate without the distractions of the world around them.

The soundproof booths we choose for Barber Shop Workpod meetings are modular, meaning you can adjust the size and setup to accommodate more or fewer people for comfort and productivity.


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How long will it take to complete my booth?

It takes about 14 working days for construction & delivery for a single standard booth, and up to 20 working days for customized booths. All booths are made to order and made by skilled local Canada& United States carpenters.

I would like to customize the booth colours, is that possible?

Yes! We provide hundreds of premium laminate finishes from Maica for your interior design goals. Simply reach out to us for the catalogue to begin your customization process. We will guide you.

Do you deliver outside Canada& United States?

Currently we support shipments to Brunei & Singapore and are working to expand coverage! However the shipping fees vary according to your order and business needs and country. Do reach out to us directly if you are not from any of these countries and we'll work to find a solution that works for you.

How does the ventilation system work?

Fresh air is constantly circulated in the Enbooth via the ventilation grate located at the floor of the booth. As hot air rises in the space when occupied, it is then funneled out via the dual-fan located at the top of the booth. Ensuring perfect

What should I do if I want to order?

You can either Whatsapp us directly at our hotline, order directly through our Chat, or send an enquiry below. Our customer care team will ensure your booth is ordered to tip-top quality every step of the way.

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Our Workpod is called a phone booth, work pod, conference pod, audio pod, music speaker or instant pod. All office pods are soundproofed and equipped with our stools, ensuring employees have a quiet environment to focus effectively on tasks
Workpod has the advantage of being easily dismantled and reinstalled in the new office







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