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This is a portable silent phone booth, which is designed for users to make private phone calls in open environments such as office Spaces, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. This product adopts aerospace grade aluminum frame, toughened glass door, insulated Marshall sound wall material, fan, lighting, power supply, USB interface, etc. This product has been tested for safety and is recommended for home, hotel and office use. The product is made in Asia, Malaysia certification project, can be exported to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the United States and other overseas

Product specification

Product features: Designed for users to have private conversations in open environments such as office Spaces, shopping malls, and exhibitions
Product size:
Frame :L1000*W1000*H2330mm
Inner frame :L830*W931*H2031mm

Plywood crate size: L2.28 * W0.74 * H1.2m Net weight: 283kg

Sound insulation rating :35-40DB
Motion sensor lighting
Soundproof ventilation
3. Slides with USB plug
Material: Advanced sheet metal frame, 5+30A+5mm double tempered laminated glass, insulated Marshall sound insulation wall material, fan, lighting, power supply, USB socket
Product color:
Frame color: white
Floor color: Black carpet 1cm thick
Furniture: Optional (2 benches and 1 discussion table)
Made in Malaysia
Warranty: 2-year warranty, except for production defects, wear defects and glass.
Export Preparation: Certified items that can be exported overseas (if you would like to import/export overseas, please consult our customer service


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